Greg Monroe Exercises Bucks Contract Option, Will Be Making $17.88 Million.


On the last year of Greg Monroe’s three-year contract, he accepted the option that he was given and will be sticking around Milwaukee for another year.

Monroe has been a rather consistent player throughout his time, he had a sort of fall off during the season last year though. Once Monroe was shifted over to the sixth man position and Thon Maker took over the starting roles along with John Henson at the four. Some of the other split roles were shared with Mirza Teletovic and Michael Beasley. There were some other players who made supporting roles. In the 2016-17 season he averaged 11.7 ppg, and also 6.6 rpg, which are indeed his worst numbers since his rookie year. Although, in 2014-15 he did average 15.9 ppg, and 10.2 rpg, which was indeed his best season ever. That is something that probably will never happen again, due to the power & existence of big men already on that roster that Monroe may not really have the ability to exert himself into the lineup and have that much of an effect with the team in order to make himself score as much and gain as many rebounds as possible. But he’s a very good quality player to have come off the bench and run the sixth-man role.


Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks. Photo Courtesy of